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I WAS A HOME WORKER:  Twenty-eight years ago, when my daughter was born, I made a decision to stay at home, yet I knew I needed to supplement the household income. I was lucky enough to find work I could do at home. I did some typing for a small company, mailed out booklets for another company, and assembled artificial flowers. I was able to stay home and work the hours that best suited me.

ARE THESE JOBS STILL AROUND?:  Yes, they are still around, however, most don't advertise in an effort to keep costs down. Usually it is through word of mouth. You know, a friend tells a friend. Now as I was looking to leave my 9 to 5 job, I started to research work at home opportunities. I answered every ad I came across. I had done mailing before so I answered an ad that read "142 companies you can mail ads for". I wrote to 142 companies and only 3 were still in existence. I became more determined to find legitimate work. Soon I learned how to weed out the junk jobs and keep only the interesting ones.

ARE THESE JOBS LEGITIMATE?:  After finding the jobs that interested me, I took it a step further and checked with the BBB or their local Chamber of Commerce, to see if there were any complaints against them. To my surprise, most of them were members and in good standing. Many of these companies have had their home workers with them for years.

PRODUCTS:  Now that I had narrowed the jobs down and found these legitimate companies, I wanted to see what each job entailed. I wrote to each company. If it was for assembly work, I asked them to send me a sample of the product. Sure enough the samples came in. I was amazed at the variety of work that can be done from home. I decided right there and then to put together this information and pass it on to people who are serious about working at home.

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